Wisdom Topical Bible

Wisdom Topical Bible

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Life is a gift from God and should be enjoyed. However, many people do not enjoy living, because their lives are filled with poor choices and cycles of loss and failure. Life is difficult, but wisdom gives us the ability to live life to the fullest. The Wisdom Topical Bible is your scriptural guide to tracing the attributes, benefits, and ways of wisdom through the Word of God.

As you explore the deeper meanings of the word through the original Greek and Hebrew expressions and read the related biblical passages, you will unlock the secrets of this gift. You will learn how • Wisdom will bring you durable riches and prosperity.

• Wisdom will give you happiness, success, and favor.

• Wisdom will promote you and bring you honor.

• Wisdom will deliver you from people with bad intentions.

• Wisdom will direct you, giving you the best counsel and courses of action.

• Wisdom will lead you to good health, sweet sleep, long life, and so much more!

Wisdom is the fundamental and foundational element upon which a good life is built. Learn its ways and ask God to bless you with it. There is no limit to the good things the Spirit of wisdom can bring into your life.